A Mentorship Program for Creative SoulPreneurs Jan 4 - Mar 4, 2020

You're updating your blog every week. You're sharing on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using. You've probably even shelled out for a website that's as soulful as the services you're trying to sell.

But they're still not finding you.  

Fortunately, there's one marketing trick you might not even know you have up your sleeve: 

The power of the Magic you are Born For. 

As a spiritually-inclined entrepeneur, you're in the perfect spot to build a heart-based brand using this principle (and use it to make a living doing what you love best). The Magic You are Born For is your divine secret sauce, the essential essence of YOU applied to not only doing what you love, but sharing it unabashedly with the world in a way that lets your light truly shine! 

My new online course is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded niche. What you will learn from me is what I learned the long hard way. What do I mean?  

Well, here's the deal. There are two kinds of mentorships out there for online entrepenuers. 

1. One, the boxed package of pre-made content sold to hundreds or thousands for the typical $1997 price point -- and after you purchase, you shuffle through the jam-packed private Facebook group where the teacher sometimes shows up while slogging through the 6 to 8 modules all on your own -- and getting predictably behind. 

2. Or you can shell out $10,000 to $25,000 for VIP masterminds and coaching programs, most of which promise far more than they ever deliver.  

Does it suprise you that people like me, who graduated from courses like Marie Forleo's B-School in 2014, and Kimra Luna's Be True Brand You in 2015, still struggle to get the whole online biz and branding thing down into a money-making and joyful offering?  

It took me two years after these courses to realize that what I was missing was "me." I was so bedazzled or overwhelmed by the tools of the trade, that in all that learning I forgot to ask myself the one key question: 

Am I doing what I love with the magic I am born for?  

Once I answered that question EVERYTHING CHANGED. 

My online business took off, because now I was in a state of flow, prosperity and luck all created by the simple shift to doing intuitive sessions with my new Lunatic Astrology brand instead of trying to teach enlightenment tricks. Because, if there is one thing I never aspired to grow up to be, is a spiritual teacher. Yet all my life I have freely and happily offered up my clairvoyant and astrological guidance.  

 So. Will you join me in my powerful hybrid offering?

 Its less than a VIP intensive and it's more than a cookie-cutter evergreen style course that you are left to get through with hundreds of others. I guess you can call it a true mentorship (my personal attention, individual one-on-one help, and my guarantee to hand hold you across the finish line) along with pre-created tactical content where you can learn which tools will work best for YOU in your business.

It's where the practical nuts and bolts meets your divine secret sauce to create an online business that you love. 


This program is by APPLICATION ONLY and is limited to 8 participants. It's also a beta, which means the $897 price tag will not be repeated in future offerings. So, what do you get?  

  • Three 90-minute private Zoom mentoring sessions with me -- valued at $675 USD -- where we go deep together. 
  • Our secret and fun FB group where I will check in daily to answer questions and weekly for FB live group coaching.
  • Weekly email homework assignments that I will be "grading" and assisting you to perfect and complete on time.
  • BONUS: 4 guest teachers -- from my business mentors -- for a FB live teaching presentation. 

This is a high-touch learning experience! My guarantee to you is that I will hand-hold you over two months to create a business model that feels fun, authentic and free of gimmicks and sales hype.

Because seeing you lift off with your true calling is my calling!  

Here's what you will be learning...


Uncover the Magic You are Born For

When you stand in the power of your deepest dharma or mission, you radiate confidence and engender trust. You become a literal magnet for clients. And not just any client but your ideal client. 

This module begins with a one-on-one 90 minute Zoom collaborative discovery session with me, where I use my intuitive and astrological tools to help you discover or refine this magic within you. 

Next you will learn two crucial elements for making this magic soar. 1. Your Brand Story 2. Your Personal Messenger Archetypes. 

From there I will guide you to create a definitive on-target misson statement and true north "elevator pitch" You and I follow up by email to track your progress.

Click the video to hear why I am teaching this course.


How Knowing Your Right-Vibe Platform Changes EVERYTHING

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own stumbles and successes using Instagram, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. What I learned is that I need to LOVE the vibe of my ideal platform -- AND that it's not where you share that matters as much as how and why. 

Your assignment will be to create accounts in each of these platforms (if you have not already) and to accept a different assignment for each one. By the end of this module, you will choose just TWO platforms to be your high-vibe zone. 

Click my short video confession of why I fell for You Tube after years dutifully married to Facebook


Using Video & Live Streams to Sell Your Work  

This goes way beyond the technicals of how to create polished and captivating video content (but, yes, the nuts and technical bolts are covered). The magic of this module is in knowing how to let your true inner light shine through the video medium -- even if you are camera shy or terrified of showing up live. 

Guess what? I have been there! But thanks to two amazing video performance mentors, video is now my number one sharing -- and client magnet -- super power. (And yes, your homework will be playing at video games. All you need is a cell phone with a camera.) 

Watch this video for some spoofy bad acting and tips! 


 Why List Size Doesn't Matter but Having an Email List Does

Until you get serious enough to start an email list, you don't have a viable online business -- you have hobby or side hustle (Trust me, I learned this one the hard way.) This module teaches you the basics of list-building, but also some little known magic tricks that I created along the way to get to unheard of open rates of 70 and 80 percent. 

Which brings me to list size -- you are better off having an intimate client email list with high open and click through rates, than a massive list with little engagment. Bottomline: Until you have an email list you are joyfully nurturing and growing, you are not yet serious about your calling.  

Click video for my big fail story that propelled me to grow an email list, finally


Getting Lift Off: The 4 Week Count Down

This second month, it's just you and me holding hands in two 90-minute one-on-one zoom sessions, and unlimited email exchanges. 

We will be setting sustainable goals and practical next steps together to finish the program strong. For some of you, that will be me helping you build a simple, beautiful, functional and affordable website (or for a premium, creating one for you). 

For others, it might be next steps such as: co-designing a free course or lead magnet/opt-in to increase your client list; sharing your special talent with my own list and followers (I love to share other's genius if it's somthing that might fit with my own clients preferences); going more deeply into The Magic You are Born For to further refine and define.

I will also help you choose electional dates astrologically for best timing to launch a new endeavor or offering; and finally, me simply cheerleading you to the finish line. (In case you have gotten behind on the other modules, I leave no SoulPreneur behind.) 

Click this video for my heart-felt invitaton to you.....

What Clients are Saying

After a year of learning the art of tarot reading, I was ready to launch my online business. But I had no idea how to start. With Lori's help, I created a website and a promotional strategy that fit who I am. Within days of launching my site, I was flooded with new clients - and have been thriving on a word-of-mouth business ever since! 

~ Cindy Lee, Blind Faith 

Lori's guidance jump started my business which had been dormant for quite some time. With her encouragement the barriers I had erected to its success came tumbling down. I am eternally grateful now to be doing what I truly love to do with support and direction.  

~ Orion Hawthrone, Doorways to 


I'm looking for only 8 SoulPreneurs Truly Ready to Shine! 

Normal price: $1297  

Your price: $897 (until Dec 15th)